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I love Wyoming.

But yes you do have to be on your toes. I few years ago one of our state senators introduced a bill stating you could only have "X" amount of powder in your home.

To some, it was a reasonable amount.

I wrote the senator and told him how much I kept, explaining that some guns have different used and require different powders, not to mention I explained I had several guns and and different uses, so I had a ligament use for several different kinds of powder. Plus, most of Wyoming is real so when we traveled to large cities we stocked piled because local hardware stores didn't carry much if any powder.

I got a nice letter apologizing for his proposed bill, he was trying to beat the gun and set a reasonable limit ( or what he thought was a reasonable limit) before someone else had a 2 or 3 pound limit.

He assured me his bill and any future bills limiting powder would ever see the light of day. He killed his own bill in congress.

Writing legislators does work.............sometimes. But it never hurts.
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