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Yep, I've used Norma brass in my rifles from the get-go. The worst loads I've worked up (and by "work up" I mean from starting to max charge only) have been around 3/4MOA. My Ruger M77 MkII in .204 shoots 1/2 MOA almost without trying.

I recently traded my shotgun for a Savage in 270WSM. I couldn't get Norma brass, so I bought a bag of Winchester. The BEST loads were around 1 1/2.

Does the gun suck? I doubt it, I've haven't seen one yet that won't shoot under an inch, be it Remington, Savage, Ruger, Browning... I think it's the brass.

Yeah, I COULD sort it by weight, uniform the primer pocket, deburr the flash holes, trim for consistent mouth... and after it's sorted, the "good" cases end up costing more than Norma or Lapua.

I bought my Norma brass like 2 years ago. All cases are still in use. Some have 6 or 7 loads through them. Haven't lost one (to failure, impending failure) yet.

Then I see people talking about how Norma brass is expensive. I just laugh.
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