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I really love shooting this thing and maybe someday I might get a Troy EBR stock for it I must confess to a preference for the 308 over the 223 varmint round. I've also got an 03 Springfield that will shoot dime size holes at 100yrd.It was one of the rifles the army sold off in one of their civilian shooting programs. it originally came packed in cosmoline and "0" range time. I've got the M1A zeroed at 300 yrds Not sure what it's shooting right now it was doing about 2 inches last time i had it out What I really want to do is take it to a range with a 1000 yrd range. But I'll have to save up for that one The nearest 1000 rang to me is about 60 miles away on a good day. Plus it cost a bit to feed the thing but it's a ball to shoot.
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