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thanks for the replies.I do want to load these warmer than my 200grn cast bullets.i think power pistol would do better on the top end of load data.these figures give me more confidence in loading between 6 and 7 grns to see if i like them.dont think i will shoot these that much at 24$ a box. not trying to make it a magnum but would like to get around 850fps with bullseye unique hp38 hs6 powders also.tried hs6 with a plated 230rn berrys that had shot quite well but cases sooty so i knew they were to low pressure. thats why think power pistol will work better at top end.might load them with bullseye and unique also to compare results.thanks for your inputs.223 did your book show a aol with those figures.will seat to a proper depth for mag fit and feed as others have said but hornady spec would be nice.thanks again GSPMAN
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