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Taurus 85

Check out this guy's review... he did a good job, very informative ...

I bought this gun on July 4th for exactly $200 just like the poster.

Taurus revolvers are made in Brazil, and the company is in Miami.

The feel of the gun is excellent. The gun I bought it off of is ex-navy.

He told me that his father had this gun for years and never used it.

He told me, and I believe him that he took the gun to the range and shot

a box of Remington 130 grain through it and said the gun was dead on.

He cleaned it well, but I wanted to clean it and check it out a bit more.

So I took it apart and the gun on the inside was like new. On the outside

there was not one scratch anywhere, and this is an old gun.

Left him a couple of notes on his video....

I called Susy at the tech department at Taurus she said she carries the

exact same gun, however she really did not provide me the "informed info"

you would expect from a tech.

Best bet is customer service, which I found to be

excellent. As I posted ...

"Took face plate off, oiled´╗┐ the parts with Break-free, touch of Mobil One synthetic oil on trigger action using toothpick to smooth out action. Cylinder Stop Plunger with Spring appeared defective (lost it ha ha) Called Taurus they sent the plunger and included 5-20880 short rubber grip as courtesy. Walnut wood grip now on E-bay for $40. Great customer service.

I ordered ONE box of Magtech GUARDIAN GOLD 38 +P self defense rounds from Palmetto State Armory I received TWO boxes only charged for one $12 INCLUDING SHIPPING, must be Karma .. Magtech manufactures quality bullets in Brazil. Now I have a Brazilian gun with matching Brazilian bullets.

The original grip is real walnut ... very nice and on E-bay in great condition they go for $40, new one would probably be over $60.

The two inch rubber grip .. provided FREE by Taurus customer service, with the shipment of the stop plunger, was the icing on the cake. The gun is small black and beefy .. nothing like a Ultra-Lite. It just looks so black and evil
and the 2 inch short grip rubber grip adds a lot to the look of the gun makes it easy to conceal.

This is a short range weapon, however I believe that with time and
some practice the guy in the Video would have hit the target at 25 feet
with no problem.

The prices of used guns are really out of control. If you check around people are selling used nasty .. rusty revolvers for $280 to $400, especially Smith and Wessons.

The Taurus I have and the poster has is a Brazilian Smith and Wesson. I have searched the Net and I have found very little negative information regarding Taurus revolvers, most of the comments here are positive and I
owned a four inch .22 magnum 8 shot Taurus revolver before (also paid $200 for it) and that gun could hit targets more than a block away with dead on accuracy.

There are Taurus haters out there, but they just say they don't like Taurus and usually provide no explanation as to why they feel that way? Probably because they paid over double for a Smith and Wesson and have the need to put down Taurus to justify their waste of money.

Personally I would shy away from a Taurus automatics, because I don't like automatics and if I needed one ... well I would get a Glock, but revolvers are different.

As someone aptly said ... "revolvers are like forks, they work the first time and they work the same way each time."
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