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Anyone use real deal guns?

As the title says, has anyone ever used I ordered a pistol through them back in the end of March. It was the best deal I could find, and I couldn't find any negative reviews about them. I was expecting a delay, as the pistol was a ruger and they stopped filling new orders in April, however, this is getting ridiculous. I've spoken directly to a sales guy multiple times and he has told me "It looks like we should be getting those in next week" but then I hear nothing.. They have not been answering my calls lately, though after leaving a message a couple of weeks ago I got a message online through their system saying there was an issue with the phone system, they could not answer phone calls but were working on "allocating my firearm".
So, did I get scammed? I'm about to go everywhere online I can and tell people not to order from them, but I feel like if it were a scam I never would have been able to speak to anyone at all. The fact that I've talked to the guy a bunch of times gives me some hope. I'm just very frustrated at this point.
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