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For the past year I have actually started hunting with my barrett 50cal. I thought to myself hmm.. this $10,000 gun "with scope" that I enjoy to shoot more than any rifle I own seems like it would would cause less pain for the animal. So I decided to try it out.

Now I would agree that going for lung/heart shot would totally mangle say a deer of any size. That being said iv always used neck shots, wastes no meat and very very fast kill (not saying its best way, just what I prefer)
Some say its not sporting to hunt with a 50cal etc, sure its a easier kill but when I set out to hunt my goal is to take down the animal with little to no suffering. And of course to feed myself, which my barrett did with perfection.

Most drop to the ground or simply fall over without ever taking a step, no suffering.
But this is just me, not saying its right or wrong way I have avid respect for any hunter that makes a clean kill no matter the weapon used.
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