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Sig 938 in stainless frame -- this might happen as they have the 238 stainless

Sig 239 stainless frame? Bring back the 245 with a stainless frame.

Yes I like steel guns.

Gp100 5 shot 44 spec

Redhawk 8 shot 357

An officers size 1911 that works well for less than Wilson combat prices

Bring back the python

4 inch 45 colt anaconda

I would buy a semmerling as a novelty if it were not 4k

Smith would do well to offer 3rd generation autos with features / sizes like the asp / devel modified guns

Any number of smith revolvers minus the lock

686 + mountain gun

In long arms:

Stainless marlin 16 inch carbines in 45 colt / 30-30 / 45-70
Not just the 500 gun special editions that evaporate from the store shelves.

Sig 551 with a steel lower as the original had

A bullpup in something more than 223 and less than 308 that is not clunky and has iron sights. 7.62 x 39 would work.

A factory takedown lever gun ala the Alaska copilot would rock
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