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What you hafta do is define your collection,,,

And by that I mean,,,
Define your own parameters.

If you say you want to collect "iconic" handguns,,,
You really have not defined anything at all,,,
What's iconic to one is boring to another

I have a collection of guns,,,
I defined it as I like to collect matching rimfire/centerfire guns.

Now that means nothing to anyone else,,,
in fact my collection gets chuckled at by many people here,,,
But at least it's defined in my own mind so I know what to look for at gun shows.

My collection isn't any more (or less) valid,,,
Than the man who collects S&W K-frame revolvers,,,
So define what type of guns suit your fancy and start amassing them.

There is no definition of iconic that all will agree on,,,
Decide what floats your boat and then do what makes you happy.

I was raised by antique dealers,,,
We made our living supplying collectors with their drugs.

No matter what was being collected,,,
The impressive collections were the ones with a central theme.

Small sets of targeted items seemed more valuable than larger groups of random stuff.

For instance I have a friend who put together a small set of K-frame revolvers,,,
He has these in one window box and they are beautiful to look at.
  • S&W M&P
  • S&W M&P Victory
  • S&W Model 10 (blue)
  • S&W Model 10 (nickel)
  • S&W Model 12 Airweight
  • S&W Model 64 (stainless)

All the guns are .38 Special,,,
They are all 4" tapered barrel models,,,
He has them mounted in a glass top wood case,,,
I tell you it is a small collection but very enviable to me.

Just some thoughts for you to ponder.

Have fun deciding what you want to collect.


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