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Real men prefer Sporting Clays where the repetition doesn't put you to sleep while on station, Klawman!....

+1 for Doyles comments.

Both are fairly easy games to break a lot of targets
Easy for you maybe.
Sorry, but they are - most folks, with a little practice or coaching can easily be averaging a 20 - while that is not going to win tournaments, that 80% is typically about 20 points higher than most folks shoot while shooting sporting clays and just starting out. it isn't unusual to see first timers shooting in the 30's and 40's - but the game draws them in, like moths to candles, and soon they see more improvement

Trap and skeet (the US versions) are about being perfect in your score to get to the shoot off - which means having your muscle memory in tune that day. Sporting means having to step into each new station to see totally different targets, and after getting to see one show pair - formulating a plan of attack and determining hold point insert point and break point.

If you want to see most US trap and skeet shooters cringe, make them shoot low gun and add a delay of up to three seconds - they'll walk away.

We get them coming down to the 5-stand, crazy quail, and FITASC practice fields at my club - and the true die-hard shooters look at the challenges and realize that they will not be scoring a perfect 25 - and they welcome the challenge and the change - unfortunately, there are also a large contingency whose egos are too frail to shoot anything less than 24 or 25 and won't bother to try it - we have more fun, the game is more sociable, the razzing is continuous, and the targets make you think - what could be more fun that that?
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