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Not sure how good of a deal that is not knowing all of the stuff that is coming with the kit.

On another not the Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit will do all that you ask, and at 1/3 the price of the RCBS kit. $104 add a manual, and dies. Oh and powder, primers, projectiles, and brass. For less than what you are paying for just the kit you can be loading.

I have been using the Lee Breech Lock Challenger press for over 3 years. I have loaded over 45 thousand rounds on it. I load everthign from hand gun to rifle. I also use it to reform cases for 2 different calibers. Flimsy it is not. If I am puting so much pressure that the press would break, I am doing something wrong. Yes some rounds when reforming take some force, none of them enough to break the press. I once ripped the wood on my bench reforming, though thicker wood, and some washers added no problems since.
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