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Starting a gun collection...iconic firearms?

I posted on here a few weeks ago when I purchased my first ever handgun- a Beretta M9 Commercial Model. I wanted something easy to shoot with a low recoil and found the M9 to be wonderful. Ever since that first purchase, I've found myself looking at guns more and more online and thinking about starting a small collection. Obviously I know guns shouldn't be an investment but there seem to be quite a few firearms that have been steadily gaining value over the years.

A week ago I purchased my SECOND gun online, had it shipped to my FFL, and I'm now the proud owner of a 1973 Smith and Wesson Model 19-3. Attached are the pics of both of my purchases together. I paid $430 for the Model 19 and $550 for the M9; not sure how I did deal-wise (I purchased the M9 BNIB). I'm happy with my purchases thus far and would like to slowly start a small collection of various, iconic firearms. Mind you, I also intend to shoot everything I buy.

Do you all consider yourselves a "collector" or merely a shooting enthusiast? I'd like some suggestions on different guns to look at that would be almost necessary to have in a collection. The next purchase I'm really eyeing is a Smith and Wesson Model 29-2; seems like a very iconic firearm that has the possibility to gain value over the years.

After the 29-2 purchase I'm open to other firearm suggestions; maybe a Colt 1911 or a Glock 19-4? Any suggestions?
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