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Here is the brochure from Remington - explains the games and give pointers:

Download both the trap and the skeet ones

Skeet was developed as an off season practice for grouse hunters from New England. It originally was a full circle and was called "Around the Clock". Safety issues changed the format. It was also shot with 5 different bore sizes at one time - the 16 was involved originally.

Trap is a 12 gauge only game; the birds are all going away and rising, which is why trap shooters like a gun with a higher POI to POA - skeet shooter prefer flatter shooting guns with a 50-50 pattern. The fields are all identical no matter where you go in the US, whereas sporting clays and 5-stand set-ups are completely different everywhere you go.

Both are fairly easy games to break a lot of targets - the trick to both is remaining consistent with each shot - in may competitions, you need a perfect score to get into the shoot-off to see who wins - sporting clays has only had a few of the very best ever "run" a perfect tournament score


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