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I have to agree with Clifford on this.

I've coached the AK NG Rifle team for about 12-15 years. Anything over 20-24X is over kill and defeats the purpose.

I used a 100 MM Team Scope for coaching. It came with varying powers between 15 and 32 eye pieces. My shooters kept putting the 32 X eye piece in thinking it would be easier for spotting holes and bullet trace. It wasn't, I ended up throwing the other eye pieces in the trash keeping the 20 & 24X.

Depending on the light, sometimes the 20X worked sometimes the 24X worked.

One of the best scopes I've used was the old military M-49 w/20x eye piece.

Right now I use a Bushnell 20X and it works great on 223's at 200 & 300s.

You have to understand that in some light conditions, no scope will spot bullet holes at 2 & 300.

It also depends on the back gound behind the target. I've shot when the ground was snow covered, you could dern near see the bullet holes with any glass. Then with a dark back ground, like ranges up against a dark tree line you'll never see them.
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