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While I disagree with trg42wraglefragle, only about the .338 being cheaper to shoot.( I agree that the M1A and AR at a longer range are fun as can be). I own one too, the cost about the same. Standard plinking ammo is $2.25-$2.50 a shot same as my 50. Both eat money fast. But the key with both is reloading. The great thing about the 50 is ammo is everywhere.. The 338 lapua is like a 416 or a 408, the ammo isnt as mass produced. Although match ammo is in plenty. I do have to admit the 50 is more fun to shoot. My .338 is a Remington and will punish me everytime I shoot it. That is the main reason I try to leave it in my safe as much as possible. My suggestion is find Federal American Eagle XM33, my local gunshop sells it for $23.99 a box.. It is accurate for ball ammo and cheap...
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