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Originally Posted by youngunz4life
absent a court order or a really Loud, Convincing Female voice over the airwaves, this dad doesn't have to release these weapons legally. I believe that is why I mentioned it is more than a legal issue and more personal in my opinion. you may feel you know right is right or wrong is wrong but the bottom line is this man doesn't seem to be in a position of having to release these weapons unless he decides to do so
I think you are wrong. The decision will be made based on how far and how hard the son and the ex-wife/mother want to push the matter. The mother is not a prohibited person. The son could sell the guns to her, give her a signed bill of sale, and she could then take legal action against the father for refusing to release her property to her.

I understand the moral issue, but what's morally correct here is different from what's legal. If the guns do not belong to the father (and he has acknowledged that they do not), then he has NO legal right to refuse to send them to whatever non-prohibited person the owner of the guns tells him to send them to.
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