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Colt SAA - Pictures _ info needed


My father-in-law has an old SAA that he says was originally owned by his grandfather. His family were homesteaders in Pleasant Valley, Arizona durring the turn of the century. We would like to find out the year this gun was manufactured and any other info.

It is a 6" (?) .45 Colt SAA. It only has about 40% of it's original finish (my estimate) and seems to function very well. The bore is bright and not much rust can be found anywhere on the gun. The grips seam to have been replaced with stag horn. This gun was suposedly carried every day by the old man as he rode fences and herded his cattle.

The serial number is 258587 and is found on the frame, trigger guard, and butt. I hope these pictures are clear enough to show the condition.

Thanks for any info.

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