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What part of "They aren't his guns" don't you understand? It is NOT the OP's decision to "store them for the grandkids" if the person who OWNS them doesn't want them stored (by the prospective grandfather) for the grandkids.
however you want to view the situation, it seems(at least to me) that the dad has a lot of control over how this is going to end

I guess you could keep the guns as repayment of just debt and call everything even now
Where is this alleged "just debt" documented? Weren't you the person who just a sentence or two previously wrote, "people need to take this seriously and not just 'do this or that' without proper planning"? Yes, I thought you were. People can't just make up debts. Suppose I unilaterally decide that you owe me $500. If I take you to court, how far do you suppose I'll get?
I was only joking, but I said before I wasn't going to judge the dad either way. blood comes before guns but I believe - like many family relationships - it is a tangled line sometimes never undone

The father, unfortunately, does NOT have a good debating tool on his side.
absent a court order or a really Loud, Convincing Female voice over the airwaves, this dad doesn't have to release these weapons legally. I believe that is why I mentioned it is more than a legal issue and more personal in my opinion. you may feel you know right is right or wrong is wrong but the bottom line is this man doesn't seem to be in a position of having to release these weapons unless he decides to do so
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