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Best guess is that things could unfold like they did in D.C. if they were to pursue that avenue at all. It's difficult to get a gun there (though not impossible). But I think it's more likely that they will tax the hell out of ammo. Stock up.

A synopsis of District of Columbia state laws on purchase, possession and carrying of firearms.

A person may buy a firearm only from, or sell only to, a licensed dealer in the District. Delivery cannot be made until the registration certificate for the firearm is approved by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Ammunition may be bought only for the caliber or gauge of a firearm registered to the buyer.

All firearms must be registered with the MPD. To obtain a registration certificate, the applicant must be 21 years old (or be over 18 and have a notorized permission and liability statement signed by his parent or guardian), pass a vision test or have a valid D.C. driver’s license, complete a firearms training course conducted by a state-certified firearms instructor or a certified military firearms instructor that includes one hour of firing training and 4 hours of classroom instruction.

Carrying a handgun, rifle, or shotgun in the District is prohibited, except that a person holding a valid registration for a firearm may carry it in his home or place of business, while it is being used for lawful recreational purposes, and while being being transported for a lawful purpose in accordance with District or federal statute. No license to carry is available.

ps- last I heard, there was only one gun shop available in DC

edit: the classroom instruction requirement might have been waived

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