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Just noticed something, where did you find a Lee Loader in 270 WSM caliber? There is a total difference between 270 Winchester and the 270 WSM cartridges.
Yes, do make sure you get the right Loader for your cartridge.

For the Lee Loader, you need a plastic-headed hammer and a funnel (unless they come with them- I forget) and you'll want a digital scale if you use any charges that vary from the dipper-full. And it's not necessary to get an expensive scale, in fact, I use a $5 unit from Harbor Freight. I check mine frequently with a new Yankee 25-cent piece, which weighs 0.2 ounces avoirdupois or 5.67 grams.

Also, Lee's own handbook would be ideal because he has a ton of information, including the full rundown on using the Loader, it's inexpensive and covers more calibers than practically anybody's.

I used a Lee Loader for... years, and got consistently excellent results hunting with my reloads. In fact, I didn't even know at the time just how good the accuracy was; I thought everybody's handloads were that good.

Nothing wrong with the Lee Loader.

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