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Konuspot-80 by Konus ...

many compare it favorably to the Kowa 80mm scopes. You'll notice that I won't even mention at the first take what the power is ... that is because Kraig is spot on ... don't sweat the high power. I think that mine goes up to 50x, but I never use it up there ... 20-25x is all you want.

The amount of light that gets through a scope is primarily a function of the diameter of the objective ... and only a secondary or tertiary effect of the quality of the glass ... sure, awesome glass in 60mm will be brighter than mediocre glass in 60mm, but there is NO glass on the planet that will be brighter in a 60mm than mine (or practically any reasonable scope) is in an 80mm ... the math simply wouldn't allow it. If you have to carry it all over creation, then you might look at the smaller objective lenses, but if you can handle the weight/size of the larger objective scopes, you will be a LOT happier you bought one.

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