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Originally Posted by youngunz4life
I think this is more a family&personal issue rather than a legal issue.
"Ownership" is a legal principle, not a family relations question.

People might be fed up, so goodwill might not be so inclined at this time. The OP wouldn't need to seek legal advice until a legal issue was forced from the other side anyways, but maybe he could send some cash or verbally let the son's mom know he is storing for grandkids etc.
What part of "They aren't his guns" don't you understand? It is NOT the OP's decision to "store them for the grandkids" if the person who OWNS them doesn't want them stored (by the prospective grandfather) for the grandkids.

Those are just examples and might not suffice either at this point, but he has a good debating tool on his side: no one is going to argue with the fact that the son is now a convicted felon + people need to take this seriously and not just 'do this or that' without proper planning.
The fact that the convicted felon cannot physically possess the firearms does not convey to the father or to anyone else (absent a court order) a right to deprive the felon son of whatever monetary value the guns may have. And it is not the father's call to unilaterally decide how much they're worth ... or to decide that he'll buy them, or sell them on Gunbroker, if the son does not want them sold. The father, unfortunately, does NOT have a good debating tool on his side.

I guess you could keep the guns as repayment of just debt and call everything even now
Where is this alleged "just debt" documented? Weren't you the person who just a sentence or two previously wrote, "people need to take this seriously and not just 'do this or that' without proper planning"? Yes, I thought you were. People can't just make up debts. Suppose I unilaterally decide that you owe me $500. If I take you to court, how far do you suppose I'll get?
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