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What rifle do you currently shoot? M1A for longer range, AR15 for shorter
What range do you currently shoot at? Local range 200 yds
What range are you hoping to shoot at? Possibly creating my own here on my property, but otherwise, anything here in NH at 1000+
Are you only going to shoot targets? Probably wont hunt game with it, but I do like to be prepared for anything
Whats your price range? Are you made of money? Well, not "made of money" but I have a big chunk coming in where I could, in theory, spend as much as $15K+ but that would be wholly irresponsible and very likely lead to divorce since we have plenty of obligatins, a newborn, etc, so I feel much more comfortabe "around" $5K, again, unless someone convinces me 8-9K is going to give me THAT many more benefits where it becomes "if you are going to spend 5K, you may as well spend 9K to get the full package"
Have you considered a .338 Lapua because its basically superior in every practical way? Not at the moment, already owning the M1A, I decided to go .50 for the next purchase, but I am not discounting the .338 Lapua as the next purchase after that

I appreciate the questions, and look forward to more feedback... thanks!

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