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Originally Posted by FloridaVeteran
Lost Sheep - thanks for that. I am getting old faster than I had anticipated. No horn-honking behind me yet, but that is coming. Can't let go of the precision of a single-stage, tenth-of-a-grain powder measures and eyeballing powder in the trays before loading bullets. At my age, it probably is safer for me (and my neighbors and fellow shooters) to have that habit. Fortunately, I have the time to expend on Swiss-watch-maker loading.

So... I probably will just buy ACP reloads from our local reliable shop, given that Wild Bunch matches are not the norm and I don't need all that much ammo for it.

LOL - when I think about it, I have become the physical and mental equivalent of a single-stage RockChucker, in all respects. But I can remember the days when I was a Dillon XL!
Well, that you can remember it is good. There are three things that are the sign of old age. 1) Fading memory .... I can't remember the other two.

Yep, the cost savings of 9mm and 45 ACP are pretty slim. I once bought a bunch of 45s on sale for less than I could have bought the powder, primers and bullets. Bought three cases and probably will never need to buy another 45 ACP for the rest of my life. I have enough cases to reload forever.

Or until I forget how. Whichever comes first.

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