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Chris welcome to TFL and the world of shooting! Well, you're hooked now. A 9mm is a good place to start. Of course you'll need a revolver eventually. You've already fired a .45, so you won't want to start with a .38. You need at least a .357. Btw, a 357 can use .38s, but a .38 can't use a .357.
Pay attention, there will be quiz.
O.K., now we have you set up with a starter semi auto and a revolver. It's time to think about rifles.
I guess we'll wait on that.
We all know that once you start shooting those pistols you're going to have to get a carry permit. Along with that comes the decision-"what do I carry?"-we'll get you through that too.
Now you'll need a safe to keep that .9mm, the .357, and the couple of guns you'll buy until you settle on your carry piece. And all the holsters,too. We'll get back to you later about these.
So many choices. So much cash involved. You don't have children do you? They're a drain on your gun budget. Avoid them at all costs.
So, again welcome to the fun and frugal sport of recreational shooting.
It's good to be the king.
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