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And if your Uncle had broken a game law, or committed a crime with it, the 'system' would not have given a whit if his BIL had asked for it back when it was confiscated...
Seizure of evidence or criminal property has nothing to do with who owns it. Ask the thousands of car owners who's BILs have had their cars siezed from a drug bust whilst it wasn't in their possession.

It is up to a judge to determine when that loan is no longer a loan anymore..............sooner than later would be my guess(so the longer it has been the easier it is to sayso I mean).
^^ This. Its a civil property dispute. In the op's case the son doesn't have a case. The son will have a hard time explaining to the judge that he gave the guns to his mother before conviction but they have been in his father's possession and separate household for so long. Not to mention that there is the whole obvious possibility of access to the guns if they were in his mothers possession.
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