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A person may loan or rent a firearm to a resident of any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes,

How long is 'temporary' according to the ATF?...Is that a week?...A month?...Or is it overnight for everyone like it is in the case of a licensee?

As I said...Not looking to argue...Trying to understand...
You ask a valid question, but it just isn't that simple(as you probably already guessed). A judge or a lawyer on TFL could probably give a better answer(especially a judge maybe). Law is very simple sometimes and also very complex. There are grey areas that can teeter totter in the courtroom before you have an answer(one reason why historical and/or past cases are cited).

Another example is a cash loan or cash verbal or even written contract. Someone can admit to a loan and to owing money, but their legal contract might say they will "pay when they can" or they will pay "when they have enough money to do so". A judge is going to side with the plaintiff and explain that a loan isn't indefinite, it has been shown the money is owed, you have had a reasonable time to pay the debt, and you need to pay the money.

Another different example is punishments. You can't give punishments to people whether thru court systems or even a higher ranking soldier in the military saying as an example: "well, this is going to stay this way until I see changes and/or until I am satisfied". This does happen but it is not correct especially with official punishments. The IG would stop this.

It is up to a judge to determine when that loan is no longer a loan anymore..............sooner than later would be my guess(so the longer it has been the easier it is to sayso I mean).

*wasn't trying to focus on courts; it just sortof fit with the example...court isn't always necessary...I myself don't enjoy going to court unless needbe*

***another answer is calling it in stolen if you have to. I mean someone borrows a car. OK, "how come you still have it 2 1/2 days later?" states the cop to the person in cuffs...
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