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As it happens, I work with a young man who recently obtained his carry permit. So did his wife. Neither of them has had much experience with firearms and they expressed an interest in getting in some range time to practice and get a feel for what's comfortable before spending money on one or more handguns they might soon decide aren't right for them.

The wife, in particular, is very slender, not very strong, and is greatly intimidated by centerfire handguns. But she shoots a .22 pretty well. I own a Ruger 22/45 that I dislike intensely and never use, so I offered to lend it to them for the wife to use as practice while she becomes more accustomed to shooting. Being generally law-abiding types, we agreed that the offer was contingent upon legality.

So I called the state agency that issues carry permits and runs the background checks for gun sales. I described the situation as exactly as I could, including that at the time I made the call the kids were still awaiting final approval and issuance of their permits. The state told me that once they had their permits I could legally lend them the firearm ... without transfer papers.

Of course, there are 49 other states out there.
True on that. As stated there other states and the laws might be different in those states. For example in Oklahoma where I am as long as they meet the criteria for being a law abiding person then you can loan them your firearm. Does not matter if they have their CC or not. They just have to follow the laws while in possession of a firearm. As always find out the law where you live.
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