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When they stop shooting accurately-Minute of Pie Plate is one definition I have seen. The more knowledgeable will point that the condition of the crown is very crucial, Those in the Know about the M-1 Garand will discuss factors such as bore erosion and readings in the gauges they use to measure
that condition. I have an M1917 Enfield and a 1943 P-38 that both have pitted bores but shoot fine. Factors such as age of the steel, vintage of the rifle-I have read that late WWII Mauser 98s are often on the soft side, andke Trapdoor Springields do not care for jacketed ammunition. Some rounds-the 220 Swift for example-are hard on bores. If yours is still shooting accurately-and 3 rounds into 1" is MOA in my book-then you have nothing to worry about.

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