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So it looks like about half of them were chambered in dual revolver/rifle calibers and the other half in .45 Colt, a revolver only chambering. Be interesting to see how the .45 statistics are spread between civil and military purchasers. The operative question is "how many civilians actually bought a .45 Colt as opposed to a dual rifle/revolver cartridge".

As for civilian use of the .45, I am certain that many of the .45 Colt chamberings owned by civilians at the time were bring-back revolvers... soldiers being the same then then as in all history.

The numbers of .38-40 and .32-40 sold are interesting. Seems that about half of the civilian shooters thought that either a .38 or a .32 was perfectly adequate. Hard to imagine buying that large frame SAA in a .32, but practical is as practical does.

I put the 1910 date on the search as I think we can pretty certainly say that this represents the time period of dual military/civilian sales v/s later civilian only sales numbers, and I wanted to see how sales statistics looked when both civilians and military buyers were buying in roughly equal quantities.


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