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To stay within the law as written,(last I checked a couple years ago, but I do not think there have been changes) you will need to store your firearms and ammunition elsewhere until obtaining your FOID card. That process will take 2-3 months if they are running the same time tables as before.

If you wind up in the city proper, things get more of a pain in the butt. You will need a CFP also, which takes an addition month or so and you cannot apply for your CFP until you have your FOID. At which time you will be able to register 1 handgun per 30 days with the city. There are no provisions, as of my last reading, for people moving in with multiple handguns.

Gun friendly suburbs, most of them. There are a few that have similar laws to Chicago though and don't forget to look up cook counties regulations. Suggestion not based on firearms ownership but on living and commuting, take a look at the METRA system, and try to live near it. Driving in and out of downtown and the suburbs is a PITA. Carol Stream to the west is a nice rural/suburban area. It's also in DuPage county so you're free of all the Chicago and Cook county regulations. If you're ok with a 10round magazine limitation(Cook County reg) Evanston or Skokie to the north might be a place to look, or Orland Park to the SW.

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