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I have two words of advice for you:

Kenosha, Wisconsin, 55 miles north.

Reasonable Commute (don't drive, use Amtrak, Metra, or bus)

Friendly firearms laws.

"Shall Issue" CCW.

NFA Friendly

Lower taxes.

Much lower real estate costs.

Nice range just up the road in Racine.

Look at it. It's worth the drive for the lifestyle.


Commuter train service is available in Kenosha to downtown Chicago, intermediate points and the entire METRA rail system around Chicago. In addition, METRA trains connect with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses and elevated trains in the city and 38 nearby suburbs. No direct Belle Urban System service is available to the METRA station in Kenosha at 5262 13th Ave., but Wisconsin Coach Lines does make a stop at the station. Tickets are purchased on board the trains from the conductor, or in Chicago at the METRA station. Service is available to and from Kenosha with nine weekday trips, five trips from and seven trips to Kenosha on Saturday and three round trips on Sundays. For information about METRA service, call Chicago, (312) 322-6777.

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