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More information, please

What is the weight of the slide, barrel and compensator in the combination that fails?

What is the weight of the slide, barrel and thread protector in the combination that works?

Do you have any intermediate weight compensators (or some way to add mass) you could try?

Does the compensator direct gasses up (to suppress barrel rise) or also back (to reduce recoil)? Up should not affect cycling overmuch, but back could make a significant reduction in slide velocity.

If the lightest spring you can get is still too strong to allow full cycling, you might get an extra one and clip one coil off it's length and another coil until it works. If the spring winds up too weak to chamber the next round, then, you have ruined a spring.

I assume you have already tried tightening your grip? When I am target shooting, I tend to grip my guns less firmly. "Limp wristing" is usually the cause of this type of failure. I had one gun/ammo combination that was so finely balanced on the edge that I could induce failures at will just by how firmly I held my 1911 45 ACP. Great for practicing clearance drills.

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