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Originally Posted by Edward429451
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's a single stage type shell holder. How do you get powder and bullet on top of a high primer single stage? A turret press and only loading one at a time with no inspection between steps?

One of the reason I like to batch load. Starting with primed brass has more going for it than I had previously realized. I've only been doing it because it makes my loading op flow smoother.
You are correct, that is a single stage type shell holder and a turret press only does one step at a time.

But a turret press can process in continuous mode as easily as in batch mode.

In batch mode, you are correct, the OP would not have gone past the priming step. In continuous mode, the case is processed all the way through all steps before (attempting) removal of the finished cartridge from the press.

Here is how it can work like that. The turret press operating in continuous mode:

Insert empty case in the press
Size/deprime on the upstroke
prime on the downstroke
Rotate the turret head to the next die station
Bell the case mouth and charge the case (through the powder-through die)
rotate the turret head to the next die station
place a bullet on the case mouth
Seat the bullet on the upstroke
rotate the turret head to the next die station
Crimp the case
Remove the finished cartridge (unless the primer is not seated properly).
rotate the turret head to the next die station (Station #1)

While the continuous mode processing does not prevent individual case inspection between steps it does strongly tend to discourage it in favor of batch inspection at other points in the process (where the batch mode processing makes only a little preference).

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