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Please Make.....

PM30 by Keltec. I heard today that they have hundreds of thousands of back orders for the pistol. I have no idea if the Dealer knew what he was talking about or where he got his info. I also saw a man today pay $585 (not counting Tax or FFL fee) for a pistol that CDNN list for $299 - is that crazy or what?? I wonder why Keltec does not "farm" out production to Ruger/S&W or other manufactuers that already make plastic pistols or other things. In WWII even Sewing Machine Companies got into pistol making. Keltec has a shotgun, and a rifle, and a pistol that MANY MANY WANT and no one can get.
Crazy, to design a firearm thats a home run - then not run the bases at all.
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