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johnwilliamson062 I fail to see how the ATFE turning down someone for a license b/c they do not believe planned endeavor meets the criteria of operating a business, then turning around and charging someone with a crime for operating a business by following through with that plan is not a Catch-22. It is two sets of standards for the same situation. That is the definition of "catch-22."
Uh....the "standard" is Federal law: The US Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.
Engaging in the business of dealing in firearms requires a Federal Firearms License BECAUSE Federal law prohibits engaging in the business of dealing in firearms WITHOUT a Federal Firearms License.

The FFL is a "shall issue".........if you meet the requirements, you get the FFL.
If you don't meet the FFL and its not because of a Catch 22, double standard, or Mayor Bloomberg.

Good luck
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