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I own what I believe is one of the first 100 of these .30 Carbine New Model Rugers and did not have this problem. I did have some problems getting the cylinder to rotate between shots - it seemed like the case was slamming into the back plate but I can't remember for sure, not having fired it since 1975.

Yes, the flame is pretty awesome. Not a very practical handgun, but neither are my open-tops.

As for the pawl question, I owned and later sold a couple of .357 New Vaqueros - had them modified with/for a free-spin pawl while they were being slicked up. With Cowboy loads and possibly help from the Frankford Arsenal brass polish I tumble with, I never have to use the ejection rod at all with any of the half dozen Cimarron and Pietta .45LCs I use, and I don't remember having any unloading issues at all with those NVs, though I might have had to use the rod on those lighter-weight cases.

This discussion reminds me a bit of a different thread where someone was discussing the merits of a .22LR single-action. A .22 case is not going to fall out, at least in my experience, so you wind up spending a whole lot of time pushing an ejector rod instead of firing a couple hundred cheap rounds of ammo out of a swing-out cylinder revolver or even better, an ugly old slab-side 9-shot top-break.
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