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Originally Posted by FloridaVeteran
CAS Wild Bunch shooting with lead .45 ACPs
SL1 - I've been interested in getting into the Wild Bunch CAS side matches. I roll my own 45LCs, but so to date have not ventured into semi-autos. Assuming a reasonably loosey-goosey 1911 with a polished feed ramp, how much of an issue do you think this is for ACP loads? I would be using Oregon bullets in a Rock Chucker with RCBS dies.
FloridaVeteran, since you are using a single stage press, I think you will get tired of the FCD if you don't actually NEED to use it. (Feeding problems because of bulged cases is the only reason I can think of.) It involves an extra pass through your hands and represents a 33% increase in the number of strokes you take with your press. LeafyBug, I believe, is using an auto-indexing turret press, so the extra strokes do not take so much time. With your single stage RockChucker the extra strokes involve a lot of extra handling of the cases.

In your position, I would use the 3-step process. I used a RockChucker for years, but now I have an auto-indexing turret press. (With a detour through the world of progressives which did not suit me as well.)

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