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Other options

Originally Posted by xxxleafybugxxx
Well after reading all of these responses, I suppose I will just load my cast bullets using my FCD. I've had no issues it with, and really don't have the option to do anything else.
Well, you do have options.

1) Knock the sizing ring out of the FCD. This is a permanent solution, as the ring if brittle and will probably break. If it doesn't break, getting it back in the die will be difficult.

2) Use the seating die to both seat and "crimp". I believe (pretty sure) that the seating die in the 4-die set is the same seat-crimp die that comes in the 3-die set. To seat only, you just back the die body out a little and adjust the seating stem. To seat and crimp both, the adjustment is a little more complex.

I will explain in another post if you want.

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