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When we first opened the box and the FFL removed the cylinder to remove the yellow plastic safety ring he had a heck of a time getting the cylinder back in.

Then I asked him how the loading gate/ejector rod worked. That is when we found the problem with the ejector rod not going into most of the chambers. It fit 2 of 6. The cylinder will freely spin wherever we want it to, it does not stop in a fixed position.

We sent it back to Ruger, waited 4 weeks, then got it back. The FFL took the cylinder out, put it back in, no problem. I then did the same. We both checked the ejector rod in each chamber, no problem.

Took it to the range, ran 18 rounds through it, no problem.

After the last 6, big problem. Ejector rod once again only went into 2 of the 6 chambers. We removed the cylinder (very easily) and used a barrel-clearing rod to remove the other 4 piece of brass still in the gun. Put the cylinder back in (no problem) and tried the ejector rod once again, no dice.

Now I am very inexperienced with this type of handgun, but the fellow at the range that was helping me is very experienced. He advised me to send it back again. Yes, I could have easily bent the rod out a bit to get it to fit each chamber, but I want to know that the chamber lines-up correctly with the barrel before I use it again.

I was suprised that the rounds were not as loud as I thought they would be. My normal ear plugs were more than enough. My .357's and .44 Mags are far louder.

I bought this gun just for the fun of it and to own something from Ruger. Besides, a friend gave me 1000 rounds of .30 Carbine so I had a reason to buy a new gun!
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