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You need an extra zero here an there. You're using the centimeter to inch conversion rather than the millimeter to inch conversion which requires you divide mm by 25.4, but your point in principle is still well taken. Lots of disagreement about the specs out there. Be nice just to measure some randomly pulled Swiss army ammo bullets with a micrometer (not a caliper) that's been checked on a standard just to see what their army actually issued on average at the time. Even that will have a tolerance, though.

The divide by sign is just one way to separate the + tolerance and - tolerance. It means the tolerance, in the first instance is + 0.06mm / -0.00 mm, or + 0.0024"/ -0.0000" meaning it can be bigger but not smaller. Very unusual for a bullet. Normally their numbers are given as a maximum with a +0.00 mm/-0.05 mm or -0.08 mm or thereabouts.
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