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This is a Ruger .30 Carbine S/A revolver.

I don't understand why the ejector rod isn't moved far enough away from the frame so the rod goes down the center of the chamber, or whatever you would like to call each hole in the cylinder.............

It rides on the edge, not down the center. On most chamers it hits before it gets into the hole, on a few it actually clears and gets into the hole to push the empty brass out.

I didn't buy this gun and throw ammo in it at the range. The shop I bought it from showed me how to remove/install the cylinder, how to load/unload it. I have 10 other revolvers but they are all S&W D/A models. Brand new out of the box it was bad. Cylinder was almost impossible to remove and install. Ejector rod did not work.

Sent it back, a month later got it back, now cylinder is easy to remove and install. INITIALLY the ejector rod worked fine in all 6 chambers, after some shooting it works in 2 of the 6..............

I do not understand why they (Ruger) would not have the ejector rod go down the CENTER of the hole, it is plenty long enough to hit the bottom of the brass and push it out. No need to try and catch the edge of the brass at the top where the bullet used to sit.

So, how do other models of S/A guns work? Ejector rod offset from the center like this one, or do they go down the center?
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