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Yes I read it. Did you read my response carefully? I said I never accomplished 1 inch groups with my K98, but have with a few of my other Mausers. (Yes,yes I know my response is not confined to K98/Yugo) The Czech is a 98 action. I know it is not a K98. I realize the Swedes are 96 actions. My point was a partial answer to one part of your question refuting your apparant disbelief that one inch groups are impossible with originally configured open sight rifles.

So as to answer your question within the narrow parameters of K98 or Yugo rifles; no, I have not been able to get my K98 to shoot that well. Based on my experience with open sighted rifles I believe some people my be able to.

I know that my M17 is not a K98, but I shot a group so small with that I would be tempted to call BS on it if someone told it to me and I never witnessed it!

If you ever find yourself in SW Oregon give me a PM several days before and we can head to the range. I'll bring my non K98s!
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