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In that case Chevy. you likely have all the tools/marksmanship you'll need to shoot squirrels & rabbits. Did you say "shotgun"? You might also take advantage of your states defining terrain feature and go duck hunting. Neighboring South Dakota is the Pheasant capital of the world, and I'm betting southern MN has more than a few. (My Dad and others actually were shooting them as PESTS at one time in MN! PESTS! Can you believe it?!)

If you can shoot small bore rifles accurately, and you're not bothered by a shotgun's recoil, it follows that a light deer rifle would not bother you either. (Perhaps a .243 or .257Roberts [either is good]) Get tips on sighting in from the bench, then practice, practice, practice, from field positions. From a given position, as far away as you can keep 9 of 10 shots on a paper plate, that is your maximum range on a stationary deer from that position.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: If at all possible, find a MENTOR. Make sure it is one who does not consume alcohol while he is hunting. I've been around "Beer 'Hunters'", they are not what you want to learn from. Find that guy who seems to fill his tags every year. Failing that, there is books or lastly the errornet.
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