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Did the weapon come with the compensator or was it added? Has the weapon ever functioned properly?

I AM NOT a glock person, so from here on, I have no input for trouble shooting (pun) your glock.

I wish you well.

(shoot competition with a 9MM and a glock to boot, boy that is some tuff competition if others are using real weapons....... no, no, I must not rant about glocks...... it is hard not to.... I should apologies to those who have glocks, well I should, humm, I'm thinking about it, no it would be condescending... maybe the competition is only among people with glocks in 9MM..... I shouldn't be this way, everyone can like anything they want and I shouldn't impose my views on them, that's a good out, live and let live..... lots of people seem to like them, they must have gotten better since those two that blew up in my hands that week)

Take care and be safe,

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