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Heavy Metal 1 quoted:
but have done under an inch many times with both of my Swedish Mausers, my Czech Mauser and my M17 Remington. You can believe it or not.
Heavy Metal 1, I'm so proud of you for shooting those under 1" groups with something other than an all original K98 mauser, but did you read the the topic AT ALL??? I'll post it again for you in bold lettering! Yes I'm calling BS on the iron sights with a K98 until someone proves me wrong. If they do, then outstanding! Would you please take the time to actually read a topic before you post a reply?

What is HONESTLY your best 100 yard five shot group with an German or Yugo Capture K98 8mm Mauser in original condition with iron sights out to 100yards? I just want to hear from the Mauser clan on this one.

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