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When you are ready to eject empty rounds you bring the single action to half cock just as if you were going to load it. You can then freely rotate the cylinder to align with the ejector rod to eject the empties out the loading gate.
Works great for SAA/clones, and old model Blackhawks, but does not work for new model or 'converted' Rugers...There is no half cock, and on most unmodified new models, the cylinder only rotates one way...

As to the OP's question,If you are the same guy, I've been following your issues on that 'other' site...

The ejector rod is not centered, as that is not the design...On .357, the rod rides almost on the throat of the chambers...On my Super Blackhawk .44 Mag, the rod is about 3/16" off the wall...

I sincerely believe that when Ruger returned the gun to you, that they believe it is in spec...
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