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Shooting Laws in WV?

I've searched all over the place online and cannot figure out where it is legal to discharge a firearm in WV.

We moved here from California a year ago where there are very strict laws - like you cannot shoot even one shot at all/anywhere in L.A. County for instance.
Our property is about 2/3 of an acre - but in a residential neighborhood so we wouldn't even consider shooting around here.

There are places in West Virginia that have public gun ranges -
But they are not anywhere near where we live, and there are some nightmare stories about wackos hanging around them.

We would join a gun range, but we're not going to stay in WV very much longer, and none of them seem to have a daily fee rate.

We are first time gun owners - just a 22 pistol for plinking - no hunting or anything - and just wondering if we go out in the sticks some place and shoot it a bit if that's legal?

Anyone have WV specific knowledge and hopefully an online link to the laws on shooting?
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