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"P.S. Please dont give me the B.S. line that I've read in other forums; "I shot under an inch at 100 iron sights with mine".
If you can do that then you should be on the front lines fighting for America."

I have never done that with my K98, but have done under an inch many times with both of my Swedish Mausers, my Czech Mauser and my M17 Remington. You can believe it or not. Can I do it every time? No, but I can do it often, often enough to know it's not just luck. Don't be so hasty to call BS because you may not be able to do something. 30 years ago before I really got into the shooting sports in a big way and only shot casually, I would have not belived it possible for someone to shoot minute of angle with open sights. Training, practice, concentration and a good rifle can do some interesting work.
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