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So why might I doubt Vic Stacy's claims? Maybe cause the park residence areas are not even as large as he described. Looking at the online ground livel pics and comparing with the aerial pics, I would be shocked if his shot was 100 yards. That is still a good distance, but considerably shorter than claimed. Not only that, in order to make such an extreme distance shot would also be less likely because of the numbers of obstructions in the park such as the trailers, trees, vehicles, etc.

Here is a good pic of the RV park. Residence areas are all pretty much within 100 yards of one another at the extremes his shot would assume absolute extremes, or that he is the cartaker living in the back, but he isn't. Conner wasn't out by the main road. He wasn't at the little lake/tank. He wasn't hiding in the woods.

At lot of the probably shots could still have been 50-75 yards. My guess is that he stated "yards" when in reality it was "feet."
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